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Talent Development – Team Building Programs

Do you have certain employees who are very good at their jobs when they work independently, but struggle when they’re required to work as part of a team? We can help.

Caliper’s Team Building Programs improve the strength and effectiveness of the team. In a workshop setting, the team engages in open and honest discussions of their specific team challenges, and participants come away with a common set of goals and clearly defined roles designed to optimize team cohesiveness. By minimizing sources of conflict and improving trust, accountability, and communication, the overall performance of the team accelerates.

Call us today at 609.524.1400 to learn more about how we can work with you to enhance relationships among team members, improve understanding of personal communications styles,  better align team members with company goals and strategy, and increase productivity. 

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“Our team building session with Caliper helped us recognize our differences and our strengths. By understanding and using the skills, talents, and behaviors that each one of us brings to the party, we have become much more effective.”

Wayne Perrett, Human Resource Manager, KINZE Manufacturing


Team Building Through Trust Building

Caliper Team Building Program
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