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Talent Development – New Managers Program

When people are promoted to management positions for the first time, it’s vital that appropriate tools, techniques, and guidance are provided to make a successful transition from being a member of the team to leading the team.

Consider these facts:

  • 50-55% of employees who move up to supervisory or managerial positions come from individual contributor roles inside the same company.
  • Most people in managerial positions have had little or no management experience or training before taking on their current roles.
  • The very same skills that make someone an attractive candidate for advancement become much less important once they are promoted.
  • The company’s productivity and ability to retain committed employees depends largely upon the skill of its managers.

Caliper’s First-Time Managers Program is designed to help managers: understand how this new management role differs from that of an individual contributor; identify their own strengths and areas for development as they relate to four key areas of effective management; learn and practice new management skills and techniques; and develop and implement individual learning action plans to accelerate their transitions and contribute greater value to the organization. 

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“My first Caliper Three Sixty showed I needed to work on time management and delegation. I took a second Three Sixty after I completed Caliper’s New Managers Program and it showed I had completely turned things around. Within one year of the program I was promoted from Assistant Controller to Controller.”

Tonya Jones, Controller, PointRoll


First-Time Managers

First-Time Managers Program
Webinar: Getting New Managers Up to Speed Faster