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Talent Development – Mentoring Programs

Mentors provide insight, direction, motivation, support and education to facilitate the growth and development of employees.

Caliper assists clients in creating successful mentoring programs by carefully selecting mentors, matching them with appropriate protégés, and providing them with the training and tools they need to be effective.

Mentoring programs provide opportunities for building professional relationships between successful, experienced leaders and other employees with the specific intention of sharing knowledge, increasing skills and supporting culture change. 

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“We’ve used Caliper since the early 80s. Everyone who works at Hubbard-Hall, in any role, has taken the Caliper Profile. We will not hire someone without using Caliper. We’ve done it a couple times and we’ve always paid the price.”

Andrew Skipp, President/CEO, Hubbard-Hall, Inc.


Caliper Consulting Services

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