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Pre-Employment Assessments – Hiring Workshops

Caliper’s Hiring Workshop teaches you how to develop and implement a structured, standardized approach to the employee selection process so you can be objective and confident in your hiring decisions.

You will learn how to determine if someone is a good match for a specific job and also understand their potential for growing into other roles.

Caliper’s Hiring Workshop participants will participate in practice exercises for evaluating candidates, writing employment ads, reviewing résumés, conducting mock interviews, and even using the Caliper Profile results to help you manage a new hire.

This one-day workshop explores everything you need to know to select the right people—the first time around. Hiring right the first time means you will spend less time and money on the selection process, get people up to speed more quickly, and end up with happier, more loyal and productive employees. All of which can lead to greater revenue.

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“The points covered in the program save time, money and energy for all parties involved in the hiring process. We now make much better hiring decisions.” 

Jason Hachmeister, General Sales Manager, Ed Bozarth Chevrolet


Hiring Workshop Brochure

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