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Pre-Employment Assessments – Competency Models

A Competency Model identifies the competencies needed to succeed in a specific role in a specific organization.

When we work with you to create a Competency Model, we will help you accurately identify the key outcomes and define what knowledge, skills, behaviors, and abilities individuals need to to be successful with your company. By integrating job performance with the company’s mission, goals, strategy, and corporate culture, the competency model serves as the basis for a fully integrated talent management process that supports best-in-class human resources and organizational development practices such as: 

  • Targeted hiring and promotions
  • Onboarding and orientation
  • Individual development
  • Curricula and training design
  • Performance management
  • Hi-Po identification and development
  • Succession planning 

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“We had several a-ha moments because of Caliper, one of which was realizing we weren’t targeting the best skill sets for our sales team.” 

Lisa Wright, Hometown America


Caliper Competency Modeling

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