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Corporate Culture – Team Effectiveness Programs

Whether your company is large or small, success often depends on forming a cohesive group out of people who, in other situations, might not even get along—let alone work together towards the same goal.

The most effective teams consist of collaborative relationships among team members, a good understanding of individual communication styles, close alignment of each team member’s goals with the goals of the company, strong conflict resolution skills and excellent productivity.

Caliper’s Team Effectiveness Program enables you to better leverage individual skills, style, and preferences to create a high-performing team that delivers exceptional business results.  This tailored program will help you diagnose what’s currently working, where there’s room for improvement, and how to close the gap. 

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“When we began conducting team-building sessions with Caliper, we started to gain a deep and immediate appreciation for the different qualities and talents that each of us brings to the the table.”

John Beattie, VP of Human Resources, GMAC


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