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Corporate Culture – Executive Team Effectiveness

A truly effective executive team is one that agrees on corporate goals, has clearly defined roles and shared incentives, and possesses excellent communication and problem-solving strategies.

If a team speaks with a unified voice, everyone gets the same message, efficiencies are gained and the organization as a whole achieves greater success.

You can begin improving your executive team’s effectiveness by working with Caliper to conduct an Executive Team Analysis. It provides objective information to help understand the “chemistry” of the team and explains how the interactions of each member influence the team’s success. In this process, we first focus on defining and clarifying the role of each team member. Utilizing the Caliper Profile—our in-depth personality assessment—we then work to identify the strengths of each individual. With this information, we can help each team member—and the team as a whole—understand what is needed to improve performance and reach their goals. 

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“What the Caliper coach will do effectively is ask tough questions and be challenging while also being supportive at the same time. That’s where I get the value of it.”

Laird Covey, President, Central Maine Medical Center


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