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Corporate Culture – Surveys

Caliper Surveys provide you with a way to collect important information from people about their attitudes, opinions, perceptions, beliefs or observations related to a specific topic.

Our clients have a number of reasons for choosing to develop, administer, and analyze the results of surveys. Some of these include:

  • Employee Engagement — Research in human resources and industrial/organizational psychology indicates that employee engagement is significantly related to turnover rates. Disengaged employees are as much as 87% more likely to leave the company than those who are more satisfied. However, the impact of employee engagement goes beyond turnover issues and significantly affects both individual and organizational performance. Engaged employees are much more likely to exert additional effort, provide exemplary customer service, and be generally productive. Companies that have consistently engaged employees tend to enjoy benefits such as enhanced customer loyalty, increases in profitability, and higher revenue growth rates. Employee engagement is a much more robust concept than the more traditional idea of employee satisfaction. Recent definitions of employee engagement describe it as a heightened emotional, intellectual, and behavioral connection that employees have with their jobs, the company, management, and the quality of relationships they have with co-workers.
  • Organizational Culture — This refers to an organization’s patterns of basic beliefs, assumptions, ideologies, and values, and the ways these are transmitted through symbols, language, narratives, and practices—especially during socialization in the workplace. Culture strongly impacts motivation and performance in many ways. Understanding it enables an organization to manage performance and create consistency between organizational values and company goals.  The degree to which individual members fit in and accept company values directly impacts their performance and desire to remain with the company.
  • Pulse Survey — Created to assess attitudes toward one or two dimensions or important issues in the organization. Typically shorter in length than other studies, a Pulse Survey allows a client to quickly gain an understanding of employees attitudes across the organization.
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“It’s been fun to watch the work that Caliper has done with our leadership development pool. They help people understand how to interact with each other; how to understand their own style and its impact on others.”

Cliff Robertson, COO, Franciscan Health System


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