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Client Testimonials

We've used Caliper for many years. We started out using it for sales and it was so successful that we now use it for all our employees.

Patti Sutton, Director of Human Resources, Propel Insurance

I was tired of making what I thought was a good hire, only to find out six months later I was wrong. Then I discovered Caliper and my new-hire success improved immediately, as did my revenue.

Curt Nelson, President, EDC, Inc.

I’ve figured out how to use Caliper by making some mistakes along the way, by hiring people who had good experience and recommendations but poor Caliper results and they ended up not working out.

Mike Nagel, VP Sales & Marketing, Neomend

Mike Nagel, VP of Sales & Marketing, from Neomend, Inc.

We started using Caliper for hiring, but as we saw the value we began to engage them for other activities, like leadership development and competency modeling. We see our partnership with Caliper as an integral part of our success.

Marc Mackin, President , Lapp Group